About Us

What is the risk-free trial?

To ensure Vision Buddy is the right fit for you or your loved one we give all our users an initial 7-days trial period with the headset.

  • Throughout this process, our team of specialists will assist with both setting up ans using the device.

    After this period the trial unit will be shipped back with the included return label and we will send the full unit or return your downpayment if you decide not to continue with Vision Buddy.


Zack Afridi (CSO)

Zack Afridi is a hands-on Chief Sales Officer (CSO) with expertise in business development, sales, strategic partnerships and data analytics. He has two master’s degrees in Business Administration and in Information Systems. He has led Sales and Marketing teams for numerous startups. He has a unique vision of improving the lives of people with disabilities through technology. 

Abdul Zalil (CEO/COO)

Abdul Zalil, a seasoned tech entrepreneur, leads Vision Buddy as CEO and COO, infusing the company with visionary leadership in business, product innovation, and operations. His expertise spans understanding consumer needs, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and fostering operational excellence. Abdul is committed to cultivating a company culture focused on enhancing human experiences through simple and innovative solutions.

D. Emmanuel Feinsmith (CTO)

D.. Emmanuel Feinsmith leads the overall technology roadmap at Vision Buddy. He has over 30 years experience at the highest levels of software R&D, working in leadership roles in cutting-edge research groups in large companies such as IBM, Apple, Amazon, Goldman, Sachs, AT&T, Yelp, Dow Jones as well as with numerous successful start-up companies. He is always deeply involved in the latest research and technology at the level of conceptualization, implementation, architecture, project design/implementation and group-formation.