Top 4 Assistive Devices as a Christmas Present in 2021

Christmas is here, and what’s a better occasion than that to show your loved ones with macular degeneration that you really care by gifting the top assistive devices in 2021.

Exciting New Tech for People With Low-Vision, Blindness

Macular Degeneration or Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is an eye condition that partially or, in severe cases, completely damages the patient’s vision. But losing partial vision or experiencing visual impairments shouldn’t prevent your loved ones from celebrating during the holidays. Make this holiday season great for someone you know or love with the perfect assistive devices to gift as Christmas gifts.

Below, you will find a list of some of the most amazing technological adaptations that help us include loved ones with visual impairment to our celebrations and gatherings. Besides, if you really care for a loved friend or family member, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to raise a toast to a new beginning.

Top 4 Assistive Devices of 2021 as Christmas Presents

Assistive devices aim to introduce automation, efficiency, and comfort to users’ lives. While the trend has taken over the markets for young and adult users, the elderly and disabled shouldn’t be left behind. As per surveys and National Health Institution reports, 1 in 4 US adults struggleswith some form of disability.

Vision disabilities arising from Macular Degeneration can be permanent in some cases and cause serious lifestyle implications. Luckily, amazing gadgets and innovative products are available to help improve the lives of people with visual impairments. So, here’s a list of top 2021 gadgets we think to suit the needs of those suffering from partial or severe vision loss.

1. IrisVision Live

Do you have someone in the family struggling with low vision disabilities? In that case, you can wrap IrisVision for your low-vision family members. IrisVision Live is a popular device that restores a certain degree of vision for patients with macular degeneration.

Combining the efforts of leading eye doctors, specialists, and scientists, IrisVision incorporatesthe required software and algorithms that make this one-of-a-kind product function. From Macular Degeneration to Diabetic Retinopathy, the effects of various eye diseases and conditions can damage people’s ocular health.

However, IrisVision Live provides users with images that are magnified 14 times their original size. Additionally, the high-definition image capture and resolution enlargement enable an industry-leading field of view up to 70°.

Do the elderly with Macular in your family require a hands-free approach and more intuitive controls? Well, this device provides voice-control features to take snapshots, make bookmarks, and add videos to playlists, along with a lot more.

2. Vision Buddy

If you have a visually impaired loved one who struggles with day-to-day vision problems, Vision Buddy is the perfect Christmas present for them. With the device’s technological innovation and modern mechanics, partially or even severely visually impaired patients with Macular Degeneration, Retinitis, and Glaucoma can start seeing the world in high definition.

Wrap up a brand new Get Vision Buddy and send it to your loved ones. Or perhaps, wait for them to attend a holiday dinner and gift them the amazing set. It is the world’s first and ultra-unique TV watching system for people with partial or severe visual impairment.

As newer products enter the market each year, 2021 was great for thousands of vision-affected patients because the pocket-friendly Vision Buddy finally launched.

Start caring for your loved ones with visual disabilities and let them join in on gatherings, celebrations and enjoy hobbies with vision-assistive technology.

3. Envision Glasses

You don’t have to let the elderly or macular-affected friends feel insecure or embarrassed for their low-vision disability. In fact, you can improve their mood with the Envision Glasses. The glasses feature a technology that’s similar in design to the Google Glass 2.

People with Macular Degeneration or other similar eye diseases feel the need to pull their face closer to text when reading. Moreover, patients with partial or complete visual impairment require additional assistance to make sense of the information after viewing distanced objects and events.

Do you want to help you’re loved ones read easily? Gift them the Envision Glasses that allow the user to magnify short passages or clusters of texts for a better reading experience. Interestingly, the device integrates with a smart mobile application to help the user experience their surroundings. Envision Glasses assess the surroundings and convey visual information to the user.

Don’t forget that visually-impaired people feel slightly embarrassed and confused at expressing their disability. Hence, they may avoid interactions and feel depressed. As a friend, gifting them Envision Glasses can improve their experiences.

4. Prodigi Connect 12 V2

How good would it be if a loved one suffering from Macular could read with ease again? Prodigi Connect 12 V2 allows users to magnify images placed under the powerful magnifier. The device magnifies text, images, or documents onto a digital screen for easy reading, especially if the user has low-vision disabilities due to Macular Degeneration or other conditions.

This Christmas, let your loved one indulge in old habits of reading newspapers and magazines without any hesitation. You can gift the amazing Prodigi Connect 12 V2 to impress a friend or family member with Macular and inspire them to take the lead in alleviating their vision-related issues.


In the end, what kind of gift you present to your elders or any other loved one with macular degeneration is your choice. But if you’re confused about the best possible gift for someone with macular, the abovementioned list of presents can help. Give your loved one the gift of better vision and sight this Christmas, and opt for television watching system headsets and other technology.

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