Vision Buddy Trial Program

Try Vision Buddy for as low as $100

Here at Vision Buddy we have developed a Trial Program for you to try out before you buy! This assistive device helps people all over the world dealing with visual impairments such as Glaucoma, Age-related Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa etc.

With our new trial program, you can try Vision Buddy for as low as $100. A security deposit of $1000 is needed to secure a trial.

Click me to start your trial today!

Your trial is 14 days long, this starts when your package arrives. We will be here for help and tech support in setting up. Once you are finished with your 14 day trial, the unit must be shipped out/trackable by the 15th day. If the package is unable to be tracked on day 15, this will be assumed as a lost/broken device resulting in 100% loss of deposit. 

If your package shows it is on its way back to us in allotted time, the unit will then undergo a checklist to ensure all items are returned and in good and working condition. Once checklist is complete, your refund will be as noted: 

**All items returned and in good/working condition- $900 refund

**All items returned,1 missing/damaged cord or cable- $850 refund

**Headset and TV Hub returned, 2 missing/damaged cords or cables -$800 refund

**Headset and TV Hub returned, 3+ missing/damaged cords or cables- $750 refund

**Headset and cords returned, TV Hub returned with damaged -$500 refund

**Any package with broken headset or missing TV Hub -$200 refund

**Any package received with a missing headset is subject to NO DEPOSIT RETURN


**Doreen is seen using Vision Buddy V3, our previous model**