How Wearable Technology Can Help Glaucoma Patients?

For some, crystal clear eyesight is a gift short-lived. Those with glaucoma are among them. Fortunately, wearable technology can help them out!

What is Glaucoma And What Is Its Treatment?

A pair of glasses.

Glaucoma is an eye condition that is one of the major causes of blindness. It is when the optic nerve, which sends images to the brain, from the eyes gets damaged. The damage occurs because of the high pressure, which is the result of fluid buildup in the eye. This can lead to permanent vision loss, which happens gradually over the years. 

There are options for surgery that can slow down the vision loss, but as of right now, there is no cure for it. 

Millions of people from all across the globe have low vision due to glaucoma, as it is the second highest cause of blindness. They may struggle to do a lot of activities on their own, such as read medicine labels or cook. 

Technology to the Rescue!

With the ever-growing advancement in the medical field and the technological world, several great things have been created to help humankind. Several researchers and technical experts have been put to work to help with glaucoma.

After years of painstaking effort to create life changing technologies for the visually impaired community, there has been an emergence of technologies that have been created to assist visually impaired patients.

Wearable technology for visually impaired patients makes usage easier and more comfortable. It's a lifetime investment that can change a visually impaired person's life for the better!

Why Should Glaucoma Patients Try Their Hands in Wearable Technology?

These wearable technologies will help visually impaired patients performing their everyday functions and leisurely activities, without feeling any discomfort. Visually impaired people usually require a lot more assistance and are constantly dependent on caregivers or family members. But these wearable technologies can alleviate these needs!

This technology can promote a sense of confidence and will make them believe in themselves and not constantly seek assistance or help. It will make the patients feel more independent and motivated by allowing them to do what they love, like watching television or reading books on their own.

Below is a list of activities that could be performed with the help of wearable technology.

Reading Books

Struggling to read the text on books, even with glasses? Well, don't worry about that anymore. Wearable technology can give those with glaucoma the ability to read any book or newspaper on their own, comfortably.

Watching Television

This leisurely activity will no more pose as a struggle! The longing for catching your favorite show on television and enjoying the visuals will be wiped away completely. Because with wearable technology, you can watch anything you wish to.


Even sightseeing becomes possible with technology! You can enjoy the visuals that nature has to offer, and can recognize old faces and see new faces.

These are just some activities that have been mentioned above. There are a lot more added advantages that could be reaped by investing in these life-changing wearable technologies.

Say "YES!" to Vision Buddy

Vision Buddy is a special wearable technology, a one of a kind creation that empowers visually impaired people to perform their day-to-day functions and activities on their own. This device was not just created for those with glaucoma, but also patients suffering from various other eye conditions like Macular Degeneration, Stargardt, and Retinitis Pigmentosa.

You can do all of these activities mentioned above with Vision Buddy! The TV watching capability is especially the star of the show. Vision Buddy works by directly streaming the TV screen into the headset, giving you a really cool, personalized movie theater effect! You can zoom in and out to your liking.  

Vision Buddy make those with glaucoma feel empowered to do more on their own! Don't lose 

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