The Future of Assistive Technology In Senior Care

A priority when it comes to any senior living center is the overall well-being and happiness of its residents. As times shift and an influx of the Baby Boomer generation prepares to step into the equation, many centers are left with the problem of adapting to the needs of a new generation. However, an even greater issue is how many of these centers will accommodate the visually impaired. 

Same Problem, New Solutions

Visual Impairments are nothing new but the way we are dealing with them is definitely going through a change. In the last decade alone, we've seen the fields of virtual reality and augmented reality create a technological overhaul of assistive devices as we know it. Standard magnifiers and recorders simply aren't enough anymore and neither should it be for any senior living center. 

One such device called the Vision Buddy which is an ultra simple television watching system specifically designed for various low vision eye conditions like Age-related Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa etc. 

- With this headset you are able to watch your favorite TV programs with enhanced image quality and the ability to zoom in and out.

- Independently watch your surroundings, see faces clearly, and enjoy your hobbies such as playing cards again

- Read with the ability to zoom in and out or use built-in OCR to read text aloud from your favorite books, newspapers, and magazines

- Perform day to day activities like changing the thermostat, operating a microwave, and reading medicine labels etc. with ease

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From Fiction to Reality

Although products like these may seem straight out of a Sci-Fi film the truth is they are very much real. Assistive technology like this has been steadily finding its way into various pockets of industries where there is a need from the visually impaired. As for retirement centers, those that have slowly been implementing this tech into their services have also found themselves acclimating to the demands of a new generation of residents. 

What the future holds for senior living and senior care is still in question. What we know without a doubt is that changes will need to be made in order to accommodate this newer generation.