Enjoy clear eyesight like never before

Vision Buddy is the world's first all-in-one assistive device designed for the visually impaired to perform day-to-day tasks.

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Improve Vision Up To 10x

The device helps enhance eyesight almost instantly to promote independent and convenient living. This ultra simple device assists when watching TV, reading, or with magnification. You can also perform everyday tasks like reading medicine labels, using a microwave, working on your computer, changing the thermostat, etc.

Best TV Watching Experience

Experience what no other assistive device can do. Watch TV wirelessly with high definition video and stereo sound using our proprietary technology. View your favorite shows and movies anywhere in the house!

An All-In-One Solution

Vision Buddy has three simple and easy to use modes.

  • TV Mode: Vision Buddy connects to any TV setup and displays High Definition video within the headset as if you're sitting in a movie theater.

    Magnification Mode: Read with ability to zoom in 10x using the headset's high quality 16 megapixel camera.

    Reading Mode: With OCR mode, read text out loud from books, newspapers, and magazines. Connect to our companion CCTV Mini device to further enhance your reading experience.

Be More Productive

Connect to any computer or tablet to view your entire desktop within the headset. Create spreadsheets, browse the internet and watch youtube once again!

  • PCs and Apple Computers

    iPads and Tablets

    iPhones and Android phones

Vision Buddy has changed the lives of thousands within the low vision community worldwide.


Vision Buddy is the lightest wearable device to allow for extended use throughout the day.

101° Field Of View

Experience your surroundings with the widest field of view available in the market.

Innovative Technology

Vision Buddy is backed by extensive research and is designed and developed at our lab in San Francisco.

What Makes Us Better

See how Vision Buddy stacks up against other assistive wearables...

Simple and easy to use with only three modes. No training needed.

Connect to any CCTV camera, including the portable Vision Buddy CCTV mini.

Connect easily with any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Watch TV in HD quality anywhere in the house.

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