Vision Buddy PRO


Vision Buddy PRO
Vision Buddy PRO Vision Buddy PRO Vision Buddy PRO Vision Buddy PRO Vision Buddy PRO Vision Buddy PRO Vision Buddy PRO

Headset V3 + TV Hub + CCTV Mini + Computer Link

Vision Buddy V.3:

Our flagship device for watching TV, magnification, and reading. Now with companion product compatibility and improvements to the OCR and software!

TV Hub:

A transmitter that streams your cable, satellite, or streaming device directly to the headset in HD.

CCTV Mini:

An alternative to bulky CCTV readers. This compact portable reader allows the user to project books, magazines, etc. from the camera into the headset.

Computer Link:

View your computer screen in real-time with the ability to zoom-in and zoom-out!

Now you're able to experience Vision Buddy in the comfort of your home with our seven-day trial period [$500 security deposit] option. We also have a payment plan! Call for details: 1-833-787-2020

Save with the purchase of a refurbished Vision Buddy Headset [limited quantity]. Every refurbished headset is discounted, tested, and certified by a tech specialist with an included 6-month warranty.

The unit comes with the following:

  1. Vision Buddy Headset V.3
  2. TV Hub
  3. CCTV Mini
  4. Computer Link
  5. External Battery (6 Hr)
  6. 10ft HDMI Cable
  7. Charging Cables
  8. User Guide
  9. 1 Year Warranty
  10. Unlimited Software Upgrades 
  11. Weighs .6 Pounds
  12. 101 Degree Field of View


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