6 Ways to Use Your Vision Buddy This Holiday Season

Christmas is almost here!

It's an exciting time of year. The weather is cold; it might even be snowing where you are! Beautiful displays of lights and colorful, festive decorations are up. Cheerful Christmas music is playing in every store to put you in the holiday spirit. Christmas is in just one week! Can you believe that it's so soon already? We're excited for it, and we hope that you are too!

Do you have a Vision Buddy? Well if you do, there are so many things that you can do with your Vision Buddy to celebrate the season. Here are 6 ways to use it and make the most of the holidays!

1. Bake Your Favorite Cookies

Bake gingerbread cookies with Vision Buddy

What's Christmas without cookies? Whether they're gingerbread, sugar, a family secret recipe, or something else of your choosing, they're a staple for the holiday season! Vision Buddy makes it easy to read recipes with our reading mode, set the oven to the correct temperature, and prepare the ingredients. You can have the delicious smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through your house in no time. Make all of the treats that you want!

2. Put Up and Appreciate Decorations

Make holiday decorations with Vision Buddy

Whether you're decorating a tree or putting up some lights, Vision Buddy can help! You can use Vision Buddy's magnifying feature to help you see your decorations better. At the end, you can sit back to admire your hard work and look at all the beautiful decorations that you have set up. We're sure that some decorations will get you in the Christmas spirit, even if this Christmas is looking a little different!

3. Read Your Favorite Christmas Stories

Read Christmas Stories with Vision Buddy

Since Vision Buddy helps with reading text, you can definitely read your favorite Christmas Stories! Whether you're reading a new story or rereading a classic (perhaps to your grandchildren), Vision Buddy can help with any story that you want. Vision Buddy can help with text from a physical book or a tablet! You can simply read the text yourself with our reading mode or have it read out loud to you. Either way, Vision Buddy will help you get lost in the story instead of lost on the page!

4. See your family's faces

See family's faces with Vision Buddy

We know that seeing the faces of our loved ones means a lot. During the holiday season, we are especially thankful for the ones that are near and dear to us. Seeing their eyes light up as they open presents, giving you a hug, and eating their favorite treats is a wonderful part of the season. Whether you're just celebrating with your immediate household or having a big video call (or any other plans you might have), Vision Buddy can help you see everyone's faces with our magnification feature!

5. Play board games

Play board games with Vision Buddy

Board games always bring people together (or create friendly rivalries)! But playing them might be challenging with low vision. We know the font size and images of Monopoly are small, and you might struggle to read/see them. This shouldn't stop you from playing or cause any frustration! Vision Buddy can help so that you can spend less time worrying about reading the text/seeing images and more time playing games with your loved ones. Now, you can just focus on winning!

6. Watch Your Favorite Christmas Movies

Watch Christmas Movies with Vision Buddy

Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer? Frosty the Snowman? Watch them all with Vision Buddy! Vision Buddy helps with magnification and reading, but we really shine with our TV mode. It's what makes us really different: there is no other product that offers this TV watching capability like ours! Stream your favorite movies and shows directly into the headset and you'll get to see the screen right in front of you. Zoom in and out and adjust the volume on the headset until you get it just right. It's as easy as pressing a button! 


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