The Best Low Vision Christmas Gift: The Gift of Seeing the World

It's gift giving season! In this time of caring and sharing, the gift of better vision is something that those with low vision will love. And Vision Buddy would be the perfect gift for them. 

Christmas tree and lights. The image is not focused

Low Visibility Alert!

Imagine navigating or finding your way through fog or mist. It can be disorienting and confusing. Those who experience low vision face this frustrating task on a daily basis. Many need to read text multiple times to identify the letters, have difficulty watching TV, and struggle with identifying people in real life.

There are a variety of causes of low vision. People who have eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration progressively lose their eyesight, leading to low vision. In fact, glaucoma is the leading cause of partial blindness among people aged over sixty. In addition to these conditions conditions, low vision also occurs as a result of eye cancer, diabetes albinism, brain injury, and many inherited eye disorders such as Stargardt disease. While some of these conditions can be treated, using a low vision aid or device can help in improving the eyesight and plays an important role in curtailing eye strain.

Low Vision Aids: High Perception and Sight

Low vision aids are devices that help people with poor vision read and see. In the past, standing and hand-held magnifiers, strong magnifying reading glasses, loupes, and small telescopes were used to aid people with low vision. These conventional devices while providing increased magnification capabilities cannot be used when a person wants to watch tv or read a document from a laptop or tablet. As a result, magnifying glasses and other traditional vision aids are now a bit outdated.

Vision Buddy is a high-tech, comfortable, and wearable device that helps with low vision by bringing images or text to them. Our device works better than a magnifying glass because it provides a wider range of view and can be used for screens!

White Vision Buddy headset

Vision Buddy: Enabling Good Vision for the Second Time

Vision Buddy is specifically designed to help people with varying degrees of poor vision. With Vision Buddy, someone with low vision can watch TV shows, view presentations and see the world around them!

That’s not all, a person can even zoom in or out of the screen while watching a movie with their Vision Buddy. The camera feature acts as a pair of eyes by capturing and streaming clear, focused images into the headset, enabling the person to see the world around them without any difficulty. Additionally, the enhanced text recognition capabilities of Vision Buddy help the user reads books, restaurants menus, and any other document aloud.

Elderly woman sitting on couch and reading newspaper with Vision Buddy

A simple click of a button enables the person to switch between modes and offers enhanced viewing in all scenarios.

A Very Merry Clear Christmas

Families and friends get together and celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. Seeing everyones' faces, playing games, and enjoying movies is part of Christmas celebrations. Enabling a person to see these little things means a lot to those with low vision. It literally lights up their eyes as they see familiar things and people clearly after a long time.

And even if your Christmas might look a little different this year, you can still use Vision Buddy to watch your holiday movies and have calls with your loved ones!

Watch Netflix and your favorite holiday movies with Vision Buddy

Many people, especially the elderly suffer from poor vision, this in turn can make them dependent on people and reduce the quality of life. Many people, especially the elderly, have low vision which makes it difficult to live independently and With vision buddy you give them the gift of sight, independence and improve their quality of life.

Help them as they regain their independence and happiness.

And as a bonus: we are still offering a free Amazon Echo Dot with a Vision Buddy purchase! Just use the code "VBECHO" at checkout

Let’s fill the Christmas stocking with the gift of happy memories and good sight!