Eye Can See Clearly Now: How Vision Buddy helped Saleem see the beautiful details of life!

Eye Can See Clearly Now

Introducing the new series: "Eye Can See Clearly Now." In this series, we talk about successful Vision Buddy user stories, and how Vision Buddy has helped people to see better! To start, we are talking about Saleem, who has glaucoma. 

A pair of glasses that with matte black lens rims and wooden temples.

Saleem is just the beginning of this exciting series! Keep an eye out for more stories on happy Vision Buddy users! (That pun was definitely intended).

What is Glaucoma?

Before we go into Saleem's story, we should understand what glaucoma is. This month, we've learned about macular degeneration (central vision loss) and retinitis pigmentosa (peripheral vision loss) but glaucoma is a little different. Vision loss in patients with glaucoma can start as peripheral vision loss but can advance to central vision loss as well. Needing more light and blurry vision were the most common symptoms reported by patients with glaucoma.

Glaucoma is often called the "silent thief of sight" because most of its types typically cause no pain and produce no symptoms until noticeable vision loss occurs. The vision loss is caused by optic nerve damage, which is usually caused by abnormally high eye pressure. There are many treatments for glaucoma, but no cures. Depending on the severity, treatment for glaucoma can involve surgery, laser treatment, or medication.

Glaucoma is the second-leading cause of blindness worldwide, and is commonly found in those who are over 60 years old. Saleem was diagnosed with open-angle glaucoma and has been living with it for 6 years. Open-angle glaucoma is the most common type of glaucoma. There is an increase in eye pressure caused by a partial blockage of the trabecular meshwork in the eye.

Open-angle glaucoma diagram. It depicts a partial blockage in the trabular meshwork of the eye, resulting in higher eye pressure.

A diagram from Mayo Clinic depicting open-angle glaucoma.

It typically results in patchy blind spots in your side (peripheral) or central vision and tunnel vision in the advanced stages. Saleem's eyes used to get red and irritated from the chronic use of eye drops. He was using reading glasses to manage through the daily chores, but they weren't the best solution for him. This was very frustrating him for him. He wanted something different. 

How Vision Buddy helped Saleem see the beautiful details of life

Saleem discovered Vision Buddy through a family friend and decided to give it a try. The moment he donned the new Vision Buddy, everyone could see a big smile on his face. His family knew it was an instant success! He was able to see the face of his loved ones with a clarity that he hadn't seen in a while. He was able to perform day to day activities like setting up thermostat, operating a microwave, and reading medicine labels with ease.

It takes most people a little time to get used to seeing the world with Vision Buddy, but not Saleem. He has been wearing it ever since his family got it for him. He does much better in low light with the Vision Buddy on.

A picture of Saleem happily wearing Vision Buddy headset and reading. He is wearing a blue and white plaid shirt.

Saleem is now able to read with ease!

To watch Saleem use Vision Buddy as well as hear other users talk about their experience, check out our video on our home page! Scroll down a little and you will see it under the category "Real User Moments." In the video, you can hear Saleem say, "This [Vision Buddy] is great. This is a blessing."

You can help others like Saleem (or even yourself!) to see better with Vision Buddy. For more details about our product, reach us at 1-833-787-2020, send us a chat message, or email us at!

And remember, October is Blindness Awareness Month. If you buy a Vision Buddy this month, you can get a free Roku with the code VBROKU (US customers only). Hurry, there isn't much time left!