Thanksgiving Specials: A Unique Gift for Grandparents to Improve Their Vision

We love our grandparents more than anything else in the world. They lavish us with warm hugs, lovely gifts, and fond memories. Grandparents have done so much for us, and that will never be forgotten.

When we remember childhood days, we remember our grandparents’ unconditional love. While grandma gave us sweets, grandpa taught us how to ride a bicycle. All of the memories we made, the tales they've told us, and the life lessons they've taught us are something we cherish. With Thanksgiving coming up, many of us remember fond Thanksgiving memories with our grandparents. 

It's time to thank them for years of unconditional love for us. This Thanksgiving, let’s show our grandparents how thankful we are for them by giving a special gift that will put a smile on their faces.

Finding a Unique Gift For Your Grandparents

When we start browsing for unique gifts for grandparents on the internet, we might see what we’ve already seen many times, such as personalized cutting boards and hammers, or  a teddy bear that says “I love you!” Those are all nice but…

What if there was something different that you could give them?

To get a gift more special for your grandparents, look at their difficulties and find something to help resolve them.

Two hands holding a small tan gift box with white ribbon and a bow

Perhaps one of their difficulties is a visual impairment. A visual impairment is one of the biggest issues faced by the elderly. Macular Degeneration, Stargardt, Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Diabetic retinopathy are typical causes of blurred vision. Our grandparents perceive vision loss as a huge problem that impacts their day-to-day lives. About 47% of U.S. people agree that vision loss is a worsening medical issue than ever.

Visual impairments also have other challenges such as immobility, fatigue, and anxiety. Our elderly loved ones might feel frustrated when they can't recognize faces, read a regular newspaper, text, drive, cook their favorite food, or watch their favorite shows. While our grandparents have faced a myriad of problems in their lives, vision loss might be one of the hardest battles they'll have to face in old age.

Don't you think a visual aid will be an incredibly impactful gift for your grandfather, who has been incredibly impactful on your life?

Of course! Gifting a low vision aid on this Thanksgiving would be a perfect way to a step help them see better. The gift of better sight is the best gift to give them.

A cornucopia with orange and red pumplins, potatoes, and leafy green vegetables. It is decorated with orange, red, and yellow leaves.

What is a Low Vision Aid?

Now that you know that a low vision aid can be a unique gift, you may be curious to know what it is and how it can support them.

A pair of round glasses sitting on a book with a magnifying glass

Well, low vision aids are simple yet effective group of devices designed to assist people with poor eyesight. Low vision aids enable those with visual impairments to perform daily activities as independently and seamlessly as possible. There are several forms of vision aids available in the market, such as optical lenses, non-optical devices, magnifiers, and electronic devices.

Seeing the face of loved ones, playing with their favorite children, and enjoying favorite movies are little things that mean a lot to them. A low vision aid can help them do these things again!

Most of the low vision aids are that are supposed to help with simple tasks can be unbearably complicated to use. Vision Buddy wants to make your grandparents’ lives easier, not harder, so we have come out with the best easy-to-use device that can be used for multiple tasks.

Vision Buddy is the Solution

Vision Buddy is the world's first ultra-simple TV watching system. Our TV watching system works by directly streaming the TV screen into the headset! Vision Buddy also comes with the advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to:

  1. Watch their favorite TV programs with enhanced image quality.
  2. See the faces clearly and enjoy their hobbies again.
  3. Read aloud text from their favorite books, newspapers, medicine labels, and restaurant menus, etc.
  4. Perform day to day activities like setting up the thermostat, operate a microwave with ease.

With Vision Buddy, your grandparents can enjoy all those tiny moments of their lives again.

Get a Vision Buddy and help your grandparents envision brighter lives this Thanksgiving!