How Virtual Reality (VR) headsets help visually impaired people regain vision and transform the way they see the world

The world we live in has thrown us millions of possibilities and for few people to be devoid of some is a truly heartbreaking experience. While few of us have the privilege of being able to experience the gift of sight, few don’t. Have you ever thought about how senior people with low vision cope up with their day to day activities?

Low vision is a health condition that diminishes the eyesight/ vision to 20/70 or below. Low vision can result from a variety of health complications and disorders that affect the eye. That includes glaucoma, cataract, diabetes, macular degeneration, hypertensive retinopathy, or retinal detachment. Among these, age-related macular degeneration alone accounts for almost 45 percent of all cases of low vision across the globe.

These consequences often lead people with low vision to become confused, fearful, uneasy, and depressed. Also, they are at greater risk of moving around, falling, and injuring themselves that need acute care.

Bridging Technology and Vision

How would a person with low vision feel when we present them with a Virtual Reality (VR) headset designed exclusively for them to overcome these obstacles? Extremely elated would be an understatement, right?

VisionBuddy - Yes, you read that right! A “Virtual Reality (VR) Buddy” for aged people with low vision caused by a variety of diseases and disorders. VisionBuddy is an advanced virtual reality (VR) headset designed to empower senior citizens to regain vision and support them to be more independent. A very lightweight technology-enabled wearable device, that people can wear easily like any other low vision aid and glasses available out there.

People with low vision often experience physical, economic, and psychological changes that impact their quality of life. Vision Buddy helps such visually impaired people to carry on with their daily routines like walking, going outside, cooking, reading, sewing, playing with loved ones, and offers greater independence of life.

Medically Approved Virtual Reality (VR) Low Vision Aid

VisionBuddy is a medically validated and approved virtual reality wearable headset that is designed by the team of medical and virtual reality technology professionals exclusively to address the day-to-day mobility needs of the visually impaired people. VisionBuddy assists them to read books, operate home appliances, perform daily living tasks independently. VisionBuddy helps people with vision loss to regain their sight quite literally!

A Virtual Reality headset for the visually impaired has always been a dream and with VisionBuddy, connecting with loved ones has now become even easier.

Having parents or grandparents with low vision due to macular degeneration or glaucoma, etc. could be pretty traumatic on your minds, and to present them with something that could ease off your shoulders and theirs should be considered a boon, don’t you think? VisionBuddy is an extremely user-friendly wearable headset for low vision. And yes, it is Super Stylish as well! Sounds cool, right?

Top Benefits of VisionBuddy

Harnessing the power of technology advancements, VisionBuddy offers immense benefits to its users

Watch TV

Vision Buddy is designed to be the simplest device out there to assist visually impaired individuals to watch favorite television shows and movies on Netflix/ Amazon Prime or any other service provider with complete ease.

Play with Loved Ones

With VisionBuddy, people with low vision can see their loved ones in a much better way and spend memorable times with them that would last a lifetime.

Enjoy the Surroundings

VisionBuddy opens up the new world for visually impaired people to move around easily and enjoy all the activities they love.

Operate Home Appliances

As VisionBuddy offers greater independence, people with low vision can operate cooking appliances like microwave ovens, and other home appliances independently.

Read with Ease

With VisionBuddy, reading your favorite magazine, newspapers, and menu card while visiting your favorite restaurants has become easy. You have the option of zooming in and out as per your perspective.

30 Day Risk-Free Trial

VisionBuddy comes with a 30 Day Risk-Free Trial. Are you interested to try VisionBuddy or willing to buy it for your loved ones? If your answer is Yes, the VisionBuddy team would be happy to assist you with that!

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