Vision Buddy V2: New Specs and Abilities

With all of the capabilities of the Vision Buddy V1, we really had to think outside of the box of what we could add.

Today, we want to introduce you to the Vision Buddy V2 which brings two brand new capabilities and one major improvement.


1. We introduced an inverted reading mode. This allows you to reverse the colors of whatever you're reading (From white paper and black letters to black paper and white letters).

This has been proven to let people with low-vision read with ease.

2. Along with that, we have included the movie theater environment. This means that multiple Vision Buddies can be connected to one streamer. 

If you have a friend or family member who also suffers from an eye condition, you can now both enjoy watching TV together with no hassle.


The one improvement we've added to the Vision Buddy is the TV watching experience. There is now a shorter delay between images from the TV to the headset.

You'll always know exactly what's going on in your favorite show to the second that it happens.

Those are the cutting-edge enhancements we've given to the Vision Buddy. 

We're looking forward to the future and the next set of benefits we can provide.