Low Vision? Watch Your Favorite Halloween Movies with Vision Buddy!

Halloween is this Month!

It's the beginning of October, and you know what that means: it's spooky season! From pumpkins to ghosts to candy, October is always fun. Halloween might not be until the 31st, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate all month long.

Stairs going up to a front porch decorated for Halloween with pumpkins, hay, and fake cobwebs and orange decorations on the banister

Caption: It's spooky season! 

One of the best things about this month is watching scary movies (or any Halloween ones if scary movies aren't your favorite). The classics are always great or watching a new one every year is also a solid choice. Whether it's with your family, your friends, or by yourself, it's always fun to watch them with some popcorn and Halloween treats. 

A hand holding up a small black remote control. Background is blurry with a TV screen, desk, and two small lamps.

Caption: Watching Halloween movies is one of the best parts of October. They really get you into the Halloween spirit.

TV Watching and Low Vision

However, if you have low vision, it might be a challenge to see the TV screen clearly. Of course, this can take away from enjoying the movie. No matter how scared you get, you probably want to see the creepy doll in the corner of the room! Perhaps you scoot closer to the TV (and get closer to the creepy doll!), you have thought about buying a bigger TV screen, or you have a magnifying product. Those can work, but there is a better solution than any of these.

Well, this is where Vision Buddy is different! Our product streams the TV screen directly into your headset. This means that instead of trying to see a magnified, blurry version of your TV, you get to see a projection inside of your headset that you can choose to make bigger or smaller, giving you an incredible movie theater-like experience. TV watching doesn't get much better than that! 

Elderly man wearing Vision Buddy headset sitting on a couch and watching TV that's on a table with a rug beneath the table

Caption: Watch your favorite shows and movies with Vision Buddy!

What are you waiting for?

This all sounds pretty great, so there's only one thing left to do.

Get your headset today and watch your favorite movies!

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