The Vision Buddy Beats other Low-Vision Headsets EVERY TIME.

Did You Know That Other Low-Vision Headsets Exist?

Well, now you do. And now you'll also know Why they Stand Absolutely No Chance Against the Vision Buddy and it's Amazing Ability to help people with low vision.

What Makes the Vision Buddy stand out against our competitors?

While all low-vision headsets Provide General Magnification and OCR, the Vision Buddy Contributes Something that those Other Headsets Wished they could.

That being, the ability to Stream your Favorite Show/Movie right to your headset!

Vision Buddy Doesn't Just Simply magnify the screen, Making for an Uncomfortable watching experience, it Streams Straight to the Headset. This is Extremely Powerful because you Won't Have to Constantly magnify and demagnify your headset. It'll Just be Clearly streamed right to you, Allowing for a Peaceful and Calming Experience.

Yeah, That Sounds Great and All But What Else do You Have Going On?

I'm so glad you asked! A Ton of other headsets out there Require You to Connect to wifi or some kind of connection to Use Their System. They Also Need you to download an app of some sort, get things connected, etc. etc. and Who Really Has Time for That These Days

We Wanted to Save you all that Hassle and make Vision Buddy as User-Friendly as Possible. We made it so that to use the Vision Buddy, you don't need to Download Any Apps and furthermore, don't need Any Type of Internet Connection. You heard it Here First, no wifi, no ethernet, Nothing at All!

Super simple, user-friendly, and as Convenient as Possible. There's Nothing that Stands Close.

Don't settle for low-end, annoying headsets when you know that Vision Buddy is the most convenient, cutting edge low-vision headset to exist.

Don't Believe us? It's alright, I know it sounds too good to be true. But you know the classic saying, seeing is believing.

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