The 3 Amazing Possibilities of the Vision Buddy.

You might be Sitting There, Reclining back in your Computer Chair, swirling a cup of coffee with just enough creamer, Wondering, Thoughts Running Around in your HeadEven when You're Up and About, in the grocery store, at the gym, even at work, One Thought Comes Back around like a boomerang, "What is the Vision Buddy Really Capable of?"

The Greater Question you should be asking yourself is... What is it Not Capable of? Let's go down a Simple 3 Point List and you'll have that Pesky Question Answered in No Time. 

The Vision Buddy is capable of...

1. The Most Personalized Viewing Experience You'll Ever Have

Vision Buddy Not Only allows you to stream your favorite show/movie straight to your headset But Also to zoom in and out. This Makes Sure that your Viewing Experience is Catered Especially to the Way You Like It.

2. Making You Relish Everything you Love Once Again

Make yourself Independent of Anyone Else. You'll be able to Enjoy your Surroundings, See your Friends and Family as Clear as Ever, and Relish that Amazing Hobby of yours that you Can't Stop Telling People About.

3. Speaking to you...?

I saved the Best for Last; You can Read Books Crystal Clearly with the Ability to Zoom in and Out of the pages. "Yeah Okay but that's Not That Impressive" you might say while rolling your eyes and scoffing. You Didn't let me Finish. The Vision Buddy has a Built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which means that it Can Read Out the Words for You! You heard me right, it Literally Reads the Words Right Off the Page.

Now, If those capabilities don't just call out to you, sing to you, to get a vision buddy then I'm sorry but you may need to reread them. Don't believe that it's possible? That these abilities are too good to be true?

As the classic saying goes, Seeing Is Believing right? 

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