Upgrade your TV Setup with a Vision Buddy.

You know Your TV set-up is the Best that Ever Existed. A Recliner or Comfy Couch, a Refreshing Drink, and Maybe even a Snack to go with it. But the One Thing Missing from this Perfect Equation is a Vision Buddy to Bring your Viewing Experience to the Next Level.

Vision Buddy Provides...

  1. Real-time Streaming from Your TV to Your Headset. You Won’t have to Worry about Delays Ever Again.
  2. HD Resolution throughout Your Entire Time Watching. This means No Random Glitches or Moments to Keep You out of the Experience
  3. A 90 Degree Field of View, Meaning that you Aren’t Forced to Look Forward. You can Easily Move Your Head Around and Still, See Everything Clearly.

And Many More to Your Almost Perfect Setup!

If you Really want to Upgrade Your TV Viewing Experience and Have the Perfect Setup, then its Time to get a Vision Buddy.

Set up a Consultation Today by calling 1-833-787-2020 and see why the Vision Buddy was Made to Change Your Life.