Your Resolution for 2021: Helping Your Loved One Overcome Low Vision by Gifting Them Vision Buddy

A Fresh Start

Goodbye 2020, hello 2021! With the new year comes new hope, the start of something better (especially after the year that we just had!). Many of us create New Year's Resolutions to create our new beginnings. We might want to lose weight, learn a new hobby, or get organized.

Woman jogging outside. A common New Years Resolution is to get in shape.

Getting more in shape is a common New Year's Resolution.

These are all great goals, but what if in addition to your own personal beginnings, we could make a new beginning for someone else? 

What if you could give a someone with low vision the ability to see better again? If you have a parent or a loved one suffering from poor vision, you should definitely consider gifting them the invaluable present of clear eye-sight and enable them to overcome blurred sight or low vision. This would be an incredible way to start the new year. Give them a new vision with Vision Buddy!

The Gift of Clear Sight

A woman holding pink glasses close to the camera. Give someone with Low Vision a New Beginning with Vision Buddy!

Blurred vision caused by glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, or other eye conditions is exceptionally common among the elderly. Many of our parents and loved ones may suffer from eye conditions that make it exceptionally difficult for them to see their loved ones, read books, and even watch television. As we can imagine, this is incredibly frustrating for them. 

When people are active throughout their lives, and suddenly begin to experience low vision, their happiness begins to ebb and their frustrations rise. Sadly, their interest in indoor activities like reading, indoor games and television begins to dwindle as their vision blurs.

However, this can be changed with Vision Buddy, the vision aid developed to help correct low vision.

Vision Buddy: The Trusted Companion

Vision Buddy is a wearable headset that improves vision significantly. Those with low vision can watch TV shows and zoom in or out of the screen depending on their preference. In case they want to see the world around them, they can switch modes and view their surroundings clearly through the use of a camera enabled system that enhances their vision.

Elderly woman using Vision Buddy to read the newspaper.

That’s not all, they can read a book or go to a hotel and read the menu, with the assistance of a system that converts text to audio and reads the content aloud to them. You can be at peace knowing that their companion, Vision Buddy, will be there with them and help them whenever they need it.

A Visionary Eye Solution

People in the past used magnifying glasses, thick spectacles, telescopes and even OHP Projection systems to help them see better. Thankfully, owing to advances in technology we don’t need multiple devices to help one person see.

Magnifying glass is a low vision aid. Glasses, and a book

Magnifying glasses can help with low vision, but they are a rather limited tool. 

Vision Buddy helps people with low vision do many things they could have done with good vision. Imagine a magnifying glass, spectacles, and projection systems all rolled into one headset or device!

That's Vision Buddy for you!

We offer multiple features in one very small and ergonomically designed headset! And even though it sounds like complex technology since it can do so many things, we made our headset easy to use. 

Black Vision Buddy Headset

Put a Smile on Their Face, Some Sparkle in Their Eyes

Do you want to alleviate the frustrations of your loved one and put a bright and happy smile on their face?

Vision Buddy does that and more. It gives them their lost vision back and enables them to see their loved ones clearly. They can enjoy activities that they enjoyed in the past without worrying about blurred vision.

Let your loved one smile as they see their loved ones clearly in 2021. Give them a new beginning. 

Woman wearing glasses looking off camera, smiling.

Touch Lives, Create Smiles, Enable Clear Sight with Vision Buddy.